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A short history of the DeLorean

History of the DeLorean

John Z. DeLorean left General Motors after successfully running the Chevy and Pontiac lines of business and, by 1974, incorporated the DeLorean Motor Company. By 1975 he incorporated the 'Composite Technology Corporation' as a subsidiary, to research and develop ERM (Elastic Reservoir Moulding) for the underbody of his DeLorean motorcar.

Johnny Carson, Sammy Davis Jr., Allstate Insurance, and of course, the British Government were all investors of DMC, as well as numerous other individuals, companies, and eventually even the dealerships who wanted to sell the car. While John Z. insisted on the gullwing doors and stainless-steel body panels, much of the design of the car came from Giorgetto Giugiaro.

The DMC-12 (the '12' denoting the expected $12,000 retail price in the USA) was introduced to the public in 1977 at the National Automobile Dealers Association meeting in New Orleans, LA. By 1977 the Northern Ireland Development Agency had provided money and property to build a factory and get production up and running, which provided much needed jobs for people in Northern Ireland.

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