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DeLorean RPM Relay |

DeLorean RPM Relay

by Chris Miles The RPM relay is essential for fuel pump operation. It powers the fuel pump when it detects an RPM signal, meaning there’s an ignition signal, and the engine is turning over. It’s a black six pin relay usually found mounted to the underside of the relay tray behind the passenger seat. Or, […]

Alternator Tensioner |

DeLorean Alternator Tensioner

by Chris Miles If you’ve ever had to replace the alternator / water pump belt (or just adjust it,) you know what a pain it is – especially if you’re broken down on the side of the road! So, to make it easier, I have been using a turnbuckle style alternator tensioner. It’s made from […]

SCEDT26T3CD010515 VIN Plate |

Don’t trust a DeLorean seller who doesn’t share the VIN

When you’re looking to buy a DeLorean and doing online research, don’t trust a business (or individual) that hides the VIN in their listing. VIN theft is a real thing – for mass-produced cars. Not for DeLoreans. There are no bar codes or ODB II computers in a DeLorean. No one is going to clone […]

DeLorean Speedo watch face – v1 for Huawei / Google Wear


DMC Columbus, OH - 1980s

DMC Columbus, OH

Google Street View: 394 W. Nationwide Blvd., Columbus, OH 43215 (Originally 400 Dublin Avenue) From Hemmings Daily – “When De Lorean moved to Columbus Daniel Strohl on May 17th, 2012″ When De Lorean moved to Columbus Daniel Strohl on May 17th, 2012 Columbus, Ohio, isn’t widely regarded as a center of automotive manufacturing, and rightly so: Of […]

ASI Radio User Manual |

ASI Radio User Manual

Thanks to the DeLorean community, someone out there scanned a copy of the ASI radio user manual. But, the original quality of the manual wasn’t great, so we recreated it, along with the legend map. Please do re-share and pass this around. After reading the manual, it looks like Audio Systems Inc. radio was kinda […]