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August 15-19, 2018

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SCEDT26T3CD010515 VIN Plate |

Don’t trust a DeLorean seller who doesn’t share the VIN

When you’re looking to buy a DeLorean and doing online research, don’t trust a business (or individual) that hides the VIN in their listing. VIN theft is a real thing – for mass-produced cars. Not for DeLoreans. There are no bar codes or ODB II computers in a DeLorean. No one is going to clone […]

DeLorean Speedo watch face – v1 for Huawei / Google Wear


DMC Columbus, OH - 1980s

DMC Columbus, OH

Google Street View: 394 W. Nationwide Blvd., Columbus, OH 43215 (Originally 400 Dublin Avenue) From Hemmings Daily – “When De Lorean moved to Columbus Daniel Strohl on May 17th, 2012″ When De Lorean moved to Columbus Daniel Strohl on May 17th, 2012 Columbus, Ohio, isn’t widely regarded as a center of automotive manufacturing, and rightly so: Of […]

ASI Radio User Manual |

ASI Radio User Manual

Thanks to the DeLorean community, someone out there scanned a copy of the ASI radio user manual. But, the original quality of the manual wasn’t great, so we recreated it, along with the legend map. Please do re-share and pass this around. After reading the manual, it looks like Audio Systems Inc. radio was kinda […]

DeLorean A-Pillar Restoration

by Matt Kerns, VIN #03650 When I bought my car from upstate NY, the interior A-pillar windshield trim was deformed, pulling away, and the vinyl was hard and cracking. I decided to reshape and recover them rather than buy new ones. Steps: Remove the pillar trim by cutting the vinyl holding it to the car. […]

DeLorean shop steels itself against time