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Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser

Bar Keepers Friend | DeLoreanDirectory.comTried, and true… the liquid Bar Keepers Friend soft cleanser does a great job finishing the stainless. You can also use the powered stuff, but the premixed bottles make the already work-intensive process a bit easier.

Only work on “small-ish” areas at one time, as the liquid often dries faster than you want, which means more work to clean it off. If you start one the right (or left) half of the hood, always work WITH the grain (obviously,) by either wetting the surface, then squirting on a healthy amount of BKF, and giving it a good, deep clean. You can also squirt it right onto a wet cloth and work one area at the time, between wash-downs.

Keep in mind – after you do a good cleaning with the BKF, you’ll still want to wash the car afterwards, and/or use some stainless steel cleaner to bring out the final shine. It’s quite amazing how much better the stainless looks after BKF.