Cold Air Intake Update |
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Cold Air Intake Update

by Chris Miles
photos by @DeLoreanTech

When the DeLorean was built, it included systems that allowed the car to perform well in all operating environments. That includes operating in very cold weather. Since most owners only drive their cars in “nice” weather, an easy improvement can be made that can simplify the car and potentially increase performance.

Many modern car enthusiasts upgrade their cars to make them breath better by utilizing cold air intake systems, which allow engines to take in more cool and fresh air. A similar modification can be done to the DeLorean. As designed, the DeLorean has a temperature controlled valve that allows warm air coming off the exhaust manifold to be piped into the engine during cold operation. When the car has warmed up, the valve closes to the hot air, and pipes cold air into the engine. By removing the old warm air valve, and installing a full-time cold air intake tube, you remove the possibility of a stuck valve (which would continuously deliver hot air,) and you streamline the air intake.

Head down to your local auto parts store and look for a Spectre Air Duct Hose #8741 (O’Reilly; Advance Auto Parts; AutoZone). It’s a corrugated flex hose that installs in place of the original equipment. You can also get the hose in silver, blue, and red.