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Air Filter Update

by Chris Miles

Many people in the car world like simple upgrades to make their cars better and more efficient. One of those upgrades is about making the car “breath” better. If you have already done the “cold air intake” modification, then there is one other thing you can do – replace your paper air filter with a reusable K&N air filter.

For many years, K&N has been a trusted name in automotive performance upgrades. Some DeLorean owners might be reading this and saying to themselves “this isn’t news to me, I already have a K&N filter in my car.” That may be true, as K&N used to make an air filter for a PRV Volvo that fit the DeLorean. K&N discontinued that filter, and they are becoming hard to find. Some vendors might have stocked up of that part, or are selling a different K&N filter that also fits the DeLorean.

So, I decided to research this myself and found a filter that K&N makes for a modern car. Taking the dimensions of a stock DeLorean NOS filter, I searched K&N’s catalog for filters that matched as closely as possible. It turns out that the filter used in the Mercedes C Class closely matches the dimensions of the DeLorean filter. The part number is 33-3072. I ordered one at AutoZone and brought in my DeLorean air box to test fit the new K&N filter. It fits snugly and makes a good seal. I think it actually fits better than the Volvo application (#33-276) (see pictures below). The filter retails for about $55. If you buy it locally, you get the benefit of an easy warranty exchange should you ever need to replace it. Some people have their own opinions about the effectiveness of K&N filters – in that case, they should continue to use the standard paper filters. For everyone else, the K&N filter may be a long-term solution for finding a good air filter for your DeLorean.

Check the crossover-parts list for other places to buy the air filter, as well as other parts.

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