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VIN 11035

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10/9/2019 4:47:2811035USAWest VirginiaBunker HillSCEDT26T5CD0110351982JAN 8254,026PRV Stage 1ManualSpec-1 exhaust, no converters, CAI with K&N filter, larger air box and throttle body spacerStainless SteelExcellentCustomExcellentCustom 2 tone grey/black, Momo wheel, led and electroluminescent, wireless bluetooth, Pandora, XM, hands free calling. Alpine sound system with sunwoofer behind seat. 140 speedoNoOtherWide Black StripeFlatNoOtherOtherGaraged / InsideUSA / WVExcellentOwner10/9/2019Christian Dietrich (Gullwingman82@gmail.come)Tri-State DeLorean Club8/14/2004Male40-49OtherTrashed and abandon4th + ownerHeavy Equipment Mechanic Washington Metro5,001m to 15,000m / 8,047km to 24,140km89 octane
4/26/2019 6:59:2311035USAWest VirginiaBunker 8249,230PRV Stage 1ManualSpec-1 exhaust, larger air box, CAI, Throttle body SpacerStainless SteelGoodCustomExcellentCustom lighting, custom 2 tone, 2 way heated seatsNoOtherWide Black StripeFlatNoYesOtherThin finsSilverGaraged / InsideUSA / WV6/2025ExcellentOwner4/26/2019Owner of 15yrs, custom lighted bumper letters, Mineral Grey Metallic bumper paint, machined wheels, Wilwood Brakes, 2 piece cross drilled/slotted frt rotors, rebuilt rears w/ss pistons, Stainless LCA's and SS radius arms, QA1 adjustable coil over/w 16 postion dampers, adjustable LCA support bars, adjustable upper rear links, custom upper front frame bar, braided brake lines, DPI fans w/ stainless shroud, silicon hoses, All in 1 fuel system, Spec 1 exhaust with Cat delete pipes, throttle body spacer, K&N filter, SS Airbox, CAI. Powder coated engine. Polished A/C compressor. Halo headlights with 4 led head light bulbs, side marker flasher upgrade, custom blue led and electroluminescent lighting. Lighted door latches, blue lighted window switches. So many upgrades and updates.TriStateDeLorean.comTri-State DeLorean Club8/14/2004Male40-49OtherNeeds restoration4th + ownerHeavy equipment railroad mechanic for DC Metro5,001m to 15,000m / 8,047km to 24,140kmDaily89 octane
8/18/2017 9:22:1711035USAWest VirginiaBunker 82PRV Stage 1ManualStainless SteelExcellentOtherExcellentNoOtherWide BlackFlatNoYesLeft-RearSilverOwner