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EZ-er DeLorean Oil Changes

by Chris Miles

New DeLorean oil drain valve parts | DeLoreanDirectory.comThere comes a time in DeLorean ownership when you want to make maintenance tasks more convenient. After many years of ownership certain tasks because a hassle, like changing the oil. As most of us know, the stock oil drain plug is a bit of an odd duck. It takes a specially tool to remove the plug. This is especially troublesome if you elect to take the car to a shop to get an oil change. Not only do you need to carry the tool with you, you have to explain to the shop techs not to wrench down on the plug.

One of the coolest upgrades I’ve come across for the car is the “EZ Oil drain valve”, sold by Toby Petersen at DeLorean Parts Northwest. It replaces the stock oil pan plug with a convenient valve that allow you to drain your oil effortlessly. No longer do you have to worry about special tools, copper crush washers, or stripping the drain plug socket.Toby has teamed up with EZ drain valve people to come up with a kit especially for the DeLorean.

When you get the kit, you’ll find the valve body, an adapter, and two blue fiber washers. Once it’s all assembled on the car you should have a tight seal with no leaks. Due to the limited space between the oil pan and the frame crossmember, it’s a tight fit, but it all works. Once the valve is fitted, you won’t have to mess with it again.

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