SCEDT26T6CD011769 |
1982, Automatic, Berlin, Census, DeLoreans, Excellent, Germany, Owner, Painted

VIN 11769



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8/11/2017 12:51:27SCEDT26T6CD0117691982JAN 82OwnerExcellent8,073WeddingBerlinGermanyStock PRVAutomaticPaintedExcellentColor Norfolk Mustard YellowBlackExcellentFlux CapacitorNoNoneFlatNoNoFront-RightThick finsOtherGaraged / InsideB-SK3364HGermany04/2019 belongs to the group of vehicles which was exported to Middle East in the eighties. Here it was painted red.
Than the car returned to Europe / Austria, wehere it was stored for almost 27 years. If I purchased the car the Odometer showed orginally 1.500 km driven. I decided than to rebuilt the car back to his stainless steel look, unfortunately it wasn't as easy than expected and I decided to let the car look unique and failed the decision to paint the car in the Lotus color Norfolk Mustard Yellow. The rims powder coated. The car received the new KW chassis suspension and a modern radio and a new distribution box update.
DeLorean Club Deutschland (Germany)06/22/2012Male50-59Commercial Manager501m/805km - 5000m/8,046km-97/98 RON
8/18/2017 9:20:43SCEDT26T6CD0117691982JAN 82OwnerExcellentWeddingBerlinGermanyStock PRVAutomaticPaintedBlackThe car is known as "Yellow - Bird" and is painted in mustard yellow.
It has a KW adjustable suspension system.
Car was red before and belongs to the group of cars which have been sold to the Middle East in the past. I am the second owner.