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The DeLorean Census |

The DeLorean Census is an ongoing project by a group of DeLorean owners who hope to find out just how many cars have survived since 1981, and to help the community connect with clubs and owners around the world.

Since the DeLorean was first sold, the 9,080 cars built have moved around the globe. They’ve been wrecked in accidents. They’ve been parted out for other DeLoreans. They’ve melted in fires. They’ve moved to museums, and they’ve been forgotten in storage. The purpose of the DeLorean Census is to determine what has happened to our beloved car, and to help the DeLorean community keep track of the cars that still exist. Around 2001, Ed Bernstein (of DeLorean One) estimated that there were about 8,000 cars still in existence. Today, it’s estimated that approximately 4,500 cars still exist in a drive-able, or restore-able condition.

We’re asking all DeLorean Clubs, owners, and fans around the world to share this Census call on your social media, in your newsletters, on your websites, and during your meetings. The DeLorean Census data will always be available online, for free, and will never be sold. Most information is optional, and contributors can choose to keep their contact information private.

Keep in mind, any Census is a tool to keep track of something over time. That means, data submitted to the DeLorean census does not get deleted. That way, people can see the history of a VIN as it progresses through owners over time. If you have new or updated details about a VIN, submit a new record, and that VIN will contain multiple census records and/or photos.

Please email with questions, ideas, or comments, or if you want to share many photos of a submitted VIN.

Take a look at the Census reports too!

Thanks for your help!

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