DeLorean Crossover Parts List

Since the DeLorean first came out in 1981, and DMC went out of business shortly thereafter, thousands of owners had to figure out how to keep their cars running before DMC Houston bought the remaining ‘new’ old stock and made much of it available for sale again. They kept their DeLoreans running by finding compatible parts for the PRV engine and other parts of the car. Over the years, old and new owners have also found new, updated parts and suppliers for those crossover parts. And, over the years, there have been many crossover parts lists floating around. With this list, we hope to combine and collect those part numbers into a single list, which includes the date, the person who submitted it, and their comments.

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7/26/2018 5:22:01Temperature Sender SwitchReads and sends the coolant temperature to the dashboard gauge.TEMPERATURE SWITCHEngineHome → Engine → 1-1-5 Cylinder Head/Valvetrain102450$21DeLorean Go102450$24Facebook found/got this information from another DeLorean owner.
10/29/2018 21:23:44StarterStarterElectricalElectrical → 3-3-0 Starter/Solenoid$256AutoZoneDuralast Starter16894$110O’ReillyAlternate View 3 for Ultima Starter - Remanufactured Ultima Starter - Remanufactured Primary Thumbnail View Alternate Thumbnail View 1 for Ultima Starter - Remanufactured Alternate Thumbnail View 2 for Ultima Starter - Remanufactured Alternate Thumbnail View 3 for Ultima Starter - Remanufactured Ultima Ultima Starter - RemanufacturedR612473A$109RockAutoRemy Starter16894$55This starter crosses over to a 1991 Eagle Premiere which has a 3.0L PRV. Make sure the part you buy has a lifetime warranty. RockAuto is cheaper but you will not get the local next day replacement connivence.I have PERSONALLY installed / used this part.
7/4/2018 17:01:23Spare tire (rubber)Replacement rubber for spare tire.SPARE WHEEL 4 X 15Brakes and WheelsHome → Brakes & Wheels → 6-5-0 Wheels100528 TIRE T121 - SIZE: T125/70D15Size: T125/70D15$61Mark Dehlinger know someone who has personally installed / used this part.
7/4/2018 16:41:53Oil filterOIL FILTEREngineHome → Engine → 1-2-0 Oil Pump/Filter → OIL FILTER$8Rock AutoBOSCH 72150$3I know someone who has personally installed / used this part.
7/4/2018 16:49:40Lug nutsLUG NUT - SET OF 16Brakes and WheelsHome → Kits → 10-6-1 Brakes & Wheels → LUG NUT - SET OF 16100181$70Rock AutoDorman Wheel Nuts (1 EACH)611221,611221,lug+nut,7676$6These are SOLID lug nuts - that means no caps to fall off.Neither I, nor someone I personally know, has installed / used this part.
7/4/2018 16:37:37Fuel injectorsFUEL INJECTOREngineHome → Fuel & Emissions → 2-2-0 Fuel Injection System → FUEL INJECTOR102742$75Rock AutoBOSCH 0437502022,0437502022,fuel+injector,6224$39I have PERSONALLY installed / used this part.
11/19/2018 20:39:57Extended length louvre strutLonger struts open the sunshade higher, to allow for the louvre brace to hold up the engine cover.LOUVRE STRUTFrame / BodyFrame & Body → 8-4-3 Engine Compartment Cover (Upper)108209$20O'Reilly Auto PartsStabilus Extended Length: 18.5 inch, compressed 10 inch lift supportSG359029$20Chris MilesI have PERSONALLY installed / used this part.
7/21/2018 20:09:16Door StrutsDOOR STRUTFrame / BodyHome → Frame & Body → 8-4-0 Doors/Struts/Seals$29RockAutoSachs Stabilus Lift SupportSG386001,SG386001,lift+support,1404$25Amazon (multiple vendors)SG386001,k:SG386001&tag=11674-20P. J. GradyLift Pistons$38.95I have PERSONALLY installed / used this part.
7/9/2018 23:59:53Door Marker LightsThe square red and amber door marker lights.DR LIGHT ASSYElectricalHome → Electrical → 3-5-2 Interior Door Lighting System$20eBayRover SD1 door marker light (1976 to 1986) GoDoor Light Assembly105081, 100531, 100530$27I found/got this information from another DeLorean owner.
7/4/2018 16:54:19DeLorean Alternator TensionerReplaces the original alternator bracket, with this adjustable bracket, which makes it easy to replace the alternator belt.BKT – BELT TENS REGEngineHome → Electrical → 3-2-1 Alternator - Motorola → BKT – BELT TENS REG110102$10Chris Miles MilesI know someone who has personally installed / used this part.
7/4/2018 20:51:49Angle DriveCommon point of failure for broken speedometer / odometer.SPEEDO RH ANGLE DRIVEBrakes and WheelsHome → Suspension & Steering → 5-1-1 Speedometer Drive106130$60SpeedHutSPEEDBOX™ GPS/VSS to Mechanical Drive Speed ConverterG-SNDR-SB-22$293DMCTalk!I found/got this information from another DeLorean owner.
10/29/2018 16:27:50Alternator Plug - GM Style DMC & SaturnElectricalRockAutoDorman 3-Wire Voltage Regulator Module85854$5Napa3-Wire Voltage Module787128$9You need this plug harness if you are going to use a Saturn alternator or need a replacement for your DMCH Alternator. Only the brown wire is used to splice up to the car's wiring.I have PERSONALLY installed / used this part.
10/29/2018 16:01:34Alternator Mounting BracketALTERNATOR BRACKETElectricalElectrical → 3-2-1 Alternator - Motorola102426$69ebay - Drive StainlessDeLorean STAINLESS STEEL Upper Bracket for Saturn AlternatorNA$50If you use the Saturn crossover alternator, this bracket enables for a seamless installation. Otherwise a spacer is required to mount to OEM mounting bracket. You will also need a new mounting bolt as the hole is narrower.I know someone who has personally installed / used this part.
7/4/2018 16:25:39Alternator beltDRIVE BELT, ALTEngineAir Conditioning Unit → 7-2-1 Pulleys/Drive Belts → DRIVE BELT, ALT102442$14Rock AutoGates High Capacity V-Belt7495 GoAlternator Drive Belt / Fan Belt102442$12O'Reilly Auto Parts
10/29/2018 0:32:49Alternator120 AMP ALTERNATOR WITH BELT AND HARDWAREElectrical Electrical → 3-2-1 Alternator - Motorola110101$218AutoZoneDuralast Alternator - New or RemanDLG1315-5-3 / DL1315-5-3$110O’ReillyUltima 96 Amp Alternator - RemanufacturedR111944A$109RockAutoACDELCO Alternator - New3351036$86New alternator is from a 1995 Saturn Coup. Original V-Belt Pulley must be swapped onto new Alternator. Must get new alternator plug, check crossover list.I know someone who has personally installed / used this part.
10/23/2018 20:58:00Air Box Oil Breather HoseHoseEngineEngine → 1-4-0 Air Inlet System/Air Cleaner Assembly → HOSE101062$10eBayEngine Crankcase Breather HoseMackay 1206551$10Volvo hose is a bit long, simply cut to size. New rubber VS 35+ year old NOSI have PERSONALLY installed / used this part.
10/30/2018 17:58:37AC BeltDRIVE BELT, A/CEngineAir Conditioning Unit → 7-2-1 Pulleys/Drive Belts105505$16RockAutoGates High Capacity V-Belt9530$13O’ReillyMasterPro V-Belt9530$7Gates is a reputable brand for belts. In a pinch you can go to O’Reilly and buy their store brand.I have PERSONALLY installed / used this part.