DeLorean Crossover Parts List

The DeLorean first came out in 1981, and shortly thereafter DMC went out of business, leaving thousands of DeLorean owners to figure out how to keep their cars running. While someone else did eventually buy the remaining “NOS” (‘new’ old stock), that company has turned out to be untrustworthy, arrogant, they over-charge for most of their items and repairs, they have a huge lack of quality assurance checks, and they don’t care about the community – they only care about your wallet.

Thankfully, there IS a good, well-performing, and reputable companyDeLorean Go – They have proved themselves to offer good products, at good prices, with shockingly fast shipping – and best of all, they actually care about the DeLorean community. So, whenever possible, support DeLorean Go buy purchasing from them.

There are times when DeLorean Go doesn’t have a part you want, or you want a better price… or you just want to order elsewhere – for that reason, DeLorean owners have been finding compatible parts for the PRV engine and other parts of the car here at DeLorean Directory’s crossover parts list. Over the years, old and new owners have also found new, updated parts and suppliers for many parts of our DeLoreans, and many of them are sharing crossover parts with DeLorean Directory.

If something is missing or incorrect, send us a note.

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Friendly Part NameCategoryPart Description / UseCrossover VehicleCrossover Vehicle Part #Source 1: StoreSource 1: Part NameSource 1: Part #Source 1: Part URLSource 1: PriceSource 2: StorePart 2: NameSource 2: Part #Part 2: URLSource 2: PriceSource 3: StorePart 3: NameSource 3: Part #Source 3: Part URLSource 3: PriceSource 4: StorePart 4: NameSource 4: Part #Source 4: Part URLSource 4: PriceInformation Source NameInformation Source URLNotes / CommentsID
AC Belt7-2-1 Air Conditioning Unit > Pulleys/Drive BeltsRockAutoGates High Capacity V-Belt9530Click here$13O’ReillyMasterPro V-Belt9530Click here$7Gates is a reputable brand for belts. In a pinch you can go to O’Reilly and buy their store brand.105505
AC Pulley Bearings7-2-1 Air Conditioning Unit > Pulleys/Drive BeltsDimensions: 15mm x 35mm x 11mmMcMaster CarrSealed Ball Bearing6202-2RS / 5972K357Click here$6McMaster CarrPrecision Sealed Ball Bearings6202-2RS / 6661K103Click here$11Chris MilesAVOID bearings made in China! You can also search eBay for 6202-2RS. Look for SKF or Fafnir brands. Also watch out for where they are made.105638
Air Box Oil Breather Hose1-4-0 Engine Air Inlet System > Air Cleaner AssemblyVolvo 240 – 1982-19871317667eBayEngine Crankcase Breather HoseMackay 1206551$10Volvo hose is a bit long, simply cut to size. New rubber hose, versus ‘New Old Stock’ from the early 1980s.101062
Air Filter1-4-0 Engine > Air Inlet System/Air Cleaner AssemblyReusable / washable air filterFord Five Hundred – 2007Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 5F9U9601AC, 5F9Z9601AA, A3119C, FA1771, LX2932AmazonK&N Replacement Air Filter33-3072Click here$55K&N Web StoreK&N Air Filter33-3072Click here$55K&N High Performance Performance Air Filter33-3072Click here$55K&N no longer produces the filter DeLorean Owners have used in the past. This filter from a late Model Mercedes fits and works well.102575
Alternator3-2-1 Electrical > Alternator – MotorolaChevy Camaro – 1995AutoZoneDuralast Alternator – New or RemanDLG1315-5-3 / DL1315-5-3Click here$110O’ReillyUltima 105 Amp Alternator – RemanufacturedR111946AClick here$109RockAutoACDELCO Alternator – New3351036Click here$86New alternator is from a 1995 Saturn Coup. Original V-Belt Pulley must be swapped onto new Alternator. Must get new alternator plug. Check the crossover list for the plug.110101
Alternator belt7-2-1 Air Conditioning Unit > Pulleys/Drive BeltsRock AutoGates High Capacity V-Belt7495Click hereDeLorean GoAlternator Drive Belt / Fan Belt102442Click here$12O’Reilly Auto PartsClick here102442
Alternator Mounting Bracket3-2-0 Electrical > Alternator – Motorolaebay – Drive StainlessALTERNATOR BRACKET BILLET ALUMINUM UPDATED102426Click here$80If you use the Saturn crossover alternator, this bracket enables for a seamless installation. Otherwise a spacer is required to mount to OEM mounting bracket. You will also need a new mounting bolt as the hole is narrower.102426
Alternator Plug3-2-X Electrical > AlternatorGM Style DMC & Camaro/SaturnGM Vehicles CS style AlternatorsRockAutoDorman 3-Wire Voltage Regulator Module85854Click here$5Napa3-Wire Voltage Module787128Click here$9RockAutoDorman 4-Wire Voltage Regulator Module85118Click here$11O’ReillyStandard Ignition 3 Terminal Multi-Purpose ConnectorS552Click here$15Chris MilesYou need this plug harness if you are going to use a Camaro/Saturn alternator or need a replacement for your DMCH Alternator. Only the brown wire is used to splice up to the car’s wiring. You can also get this at O’Reilly if you need right away. Use STD S552.DD879573
Alternator Pulley3-2-0 Electrical > AlternatorReplacement / new pulley for old (or new) alternators.March PerformanceSingle Groove Alternator Pulley131Click here$33Summit RacingMarch Performance Billet Aluminum V-Belt Alternator Pulleys 131131Click here$32Chris MilesThis pully is needed if using the Saturn alternator, or if you just want to replace the pully.102649
Alternator Tensioner3-2-0 Electrical > Alternator – MotorolaReplaces the original alternator bracket, with this adjustable bracket, which makes it easy to replace the alternator belt.Chris MilesClick here$30JegsAdjustment Rod655-RA-1.625Click here$46Chris Miles110102
Angle Drive5-1-1 Suspension and Steering > Speedometer DriveCommon point of failure for broken speedometer / odometer.SpeedHutSPEEDBOX™ GPS/VSS to Mechanical Drive Speed ConverterG-SNDR-SB-22Click here$293DMCTalk!106130
Antenna3-8-0 Electrical > Audio SystemCrutchfieldMetra AntennaWorks PW22 Motorized antenna (With black mast)12044PW22BClick here$65AmazonMetra 44-PW22B Replacement Power AntennaB000K50H8AClick here$70The Wires ZoneMetra 44-PW22B Replacement Power Antennametra-44-pw22bClick here$55Ryan FosterSometimes the relay is visible, sometimes it’s inside the case. Both work as expected.110971
Blower Motor7-1-0 Air Conditioning Unit > EvaporatorSquirrel cage’ blower fan for pushing air through the heating and air conditioning system in the cabin.AmazonVDO PM141 Blower MotorPM141Click here$41O’Reilly Auto PartsMurray Climate Control Blower MotorPM141Click here$29RockAuto.comVDO PM141 w/Blower WheelVDO PM141, 5049834, 52463950, 52466089Click here$22RockAutoGM / AC Delco Blower Motor88960338 / 1580386Click here$57Ryan Foster101273
Changeover Relays3-7-4 Electrical > Fuse Box/RelaysIf you’re not using Dave McKeen’s solid state relays, these are the ones to use.Bosch Automotive (via Amazon)Bosch Automotive 5 Pin, 12 V, 20/30 A, Changeover Mini Relays0332209151Click here$9Ryan Foster TK106269
Cigarette lighter3-6-2 Electrical > Combination Switches, Etc.Cigarette lighter with built-in LEDeBayFlosser 181507181507Click here$25Ryan FosterNew Cigrette lighter for 6668 has a built in LED! And now other electronics will fit snug! $15 from GO westy. So the brand is Flosser part number 181507.108288
Cold Air Intake Tube1-4-0 Engine > Air Inlet System/Air Cleaner AssemblySupplies fresh air to the engine.AmazonSpectre Performance Black Air Duct Hose8741Click here$13AutoZoneSpectre Performance Air Intake8741 / MAN-77N-AClick here$20Advance Auto PartsSpectre 3″ Air Duct Hose, Black22906020-PClick here$20Chris MilesReplaces OEM air intake components, stove pipe and air valveGT100200
Coolant Hose1-3-1 Engine > Radiator/PipingRubber hose used to connect the metal coolant pipes running along the bottom of the car. You’ll need eight ~4 inch pieces to replace them all.O’ReillyGates Vulco Rubber Radiator Hose – 1 foot24020Click here$14RockAutoGATES Radiator Lower Hose (Regular inventory) – 3 feet24020Click here$17100506
Dashboard speakers3-8-0 Electrical > Audio SystemThe front speakers that are mounted under the dashboard.AmazonBOSS Audio Systems BRS35 50 Watt, 3.5 Inch , Full Range, Replacement Car Speaker – Sold IndividuallyBRS35Click here$12 (each)Evan TK
Red Door Marker Lights3-5-2 Electrical > Interior Door Lighting SystemThe square red door marker lights.eBayRover SD1 door marker light (1976 to 1986)Click hereDeLorean GoDoor Light Assembly105081, 100531, 100530Click here$27100531
Amber Door Marker Lights3-5-2 Electrical > Interior Door Lighting SystemThe square amber door marker lights.eBayRover SD1 door marker light (1976 to 1986)Click hereDeLorean GoDoor Light Assembly105081, 100531, 100530Click here$27100530
Door seals – Inner8-4-0 Frame and Body > Doors/Struts/SealsWeather stripping that often tears due to age or poor door alignment.DeLoreanGo.comInner Door Seal110044AClick here$80McMaster-CarrWater- and Weather-Resistant Rubber Push-on Seal (30 feet)1120A432Click here$63Chris Miles110044
Door Seals – Outer8-4-0 Doors > Struts/SealsSelf Stick Outer Door Seals. The seals will stick on without extra adhesiveMcMaster CarrWater- and Weather-Resistant Foam Rubber Seal93085K91Click here$37 (price for 30 feet)111126
Fuel Accumulator2-1-0 Fuel and Emissions > Tank/Hoses/Pump/Accumulator/Etc.The accumulator keeps the fuel system under pressure while the pump isn’t on.RockAuto.comFuel AccumulatorBOSCH 0438170029Click here$107Chris Miles100519
Fuel injectors2-2-0 Fuel and Emissions > Fuel Injection SystemVolvo 760 – 1983RockAutoFuel InjectorBOSCH 0437502022Click here$39102742
Fuel Pump Injection Hose2-1-0 Fuel and Emissions > Tank/Hoses/Pump/Accumulator/Etc.RockAutoGates Barricade Fuel Line Hose27335Click here$3 per foot (must buy in multiples of 2)O’ReillyGates Barricade 5/16 Inch Rubber Hose27335Click here$9 per footSold per foot by O’Reilly & RockAuto106979
Lug-Nut – short6-5-0 Brakes and Wheels > WheelsRockAutoDORMAN 611310 Lug-Nut611-310Click here$3O’ReillyDorman AutoGrade M12-1.50 Thread 19mm Hex Wheel Nut611-310Click here$4These are SOLID lug nuts – that means no caps to fall off.100181-S
Lug-Nut – tall6-5-0 Brakes and Wheels > WheelsRockAutoDORMAN 611221 Lug-Nut611-221Click here$7O’ReillyDorman AutoGrade M12-1.50 Thread 19mm Hex Wheel Nut611-221Click here$9These are SOLID lug nuts – that means no caps to fall off.100181-T
Oil filter – BOSCH1-2-0 Engine > Oil Pump/FilterRockAutoBOSCH 72150Click here$3ECS TuningOil FilterES#252037Click here$6102114-B
Oil filter – MANN1-2-0 Engine > Oil Pump/FilterRockAutoMANN Oil FilterMANN W71915Click here$4Amazon / Mann FilterMann-Filter W 719/15 Spin-on Oil FilterB001CUCPK0Click here$10Ryan Foster102114-M
Oil Sender Unit (for the Gauge)1-1-1 Engine > Engine BlockThis is the unit next to the oil filter, that sends the data to the dashboard console gauge.Chevy Corvette – 1984O’Reilly Auto PartsStandard Ignition 1 Terminal Engine Oil Pressure SwitchPS155Click here$20Auto ZoneDuralast Oil Pressure SwitchPS133Click here$19.99RockAuto.comSTANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS PS155PS155Click here$14Chris Miles102763
Spare tire (rubber)6-5-0 Brakes and Wheels > WheelsReplacement rubber for spare tire.TireRack.comSPARE TIRE T121 – SIZE: T125/70D15Size: T125/70D15Click here$61Mark Dehlinger
Starter3-3-0 Electrical > Starter/SolenoidEagle Premier – 1991AutoZoneDuralast Starter16894Click here$110O’ReillyUltima Starter – RemanufacturedR612473BClick here$96RockAutoRemy Starter16894Click here$55This starter crosses over to a 1991 Eagle Premiere which has a 3.0L PRV. Make sure the part you buy has a lifetime warranty. RockAuto is cheaper but you will not get the local next day replacement connivence.101044
Struts – Doors8-4-0 Frame and Body > Doors/Struts/SealsRockAutoSachs Stabilus Lift Support5B068146 (Old #SG386001)Click here$28Amazon (multiple vendors)SG386001Click here$14 to $50P. J. GradyLift Pistons100592GClick here$39100592
Struts – Hood / Trunk8-4-2 Frame and Body > Luggage Compartment CoverThe two gas “springs” that keep the hood open.RockAutoStabilus gas charged lift support.SG359004Click here$10O’Reilly Auto PartsStabilus Lift Support4B8499IU (Old #SG359004)Click here$25Chris MilesThese struts are slightly shorter than the stock struts, but they work just as well (and they’re half the price if you get them from RockAuto!)105063
Stuts – Louvre (Extended length)8-4-3 Frame and Body > Engine Compartment Cover (Upper)Longer struts open the sunshade higher, to allow for the louvre brace to hold up the engine cover.O’Reilly Auto PartsStabilus Extended Length: 18.5 inch, compressed 10 inch lift support4B544244 (Old #SG359029)Click here$22Chris Miles108209
Temperature Sender Switch1-1-5 Engine > Cylinder Head/ValvetrainReads and sends the coolant temperature to the dashboard gauge.DeLorean Go102450Click here$24Facebook
Oil Pressure Switch (for Light)1-2-0 Engine > Oil Pump/FilterVolvo 264 – 1981RockAutoPS167Click here$8O’ReillyPS167Click here$10From a 1981 Volvo 264102462
Power window motor3-6-5 Electrical > Power WindowsLH Window motor and regulatorPower window motor and regulatorClick here$370 (pair)A1 electronicsPower window motor kitDelorean GoClick here$390110072
Power window motor3-6-5 Electrical > Power WindowsRH Window motor and regulatorPower window motor and regulatorClick here$370 (pair)A1 electronicsPower window motor kitDelorean GoClick here$370110073
Castle Nuts (7/16 in.-20) for Lower Ball Joints5-1-0 Suspension and Steering > Front SuspensionCastle nuts (and the accompanying cotter pin) keep the ball join nuts from eventually falling off – which causes a loss of steering in extreme cases.DeLorean GoCastle Nuts and split pins (PAIR/SET)SP10877Click here$7Home Depot7/16 in.-20 Zinc-Plated Fine Thread Castle Nut599448Click here$1.62Ryan FosterSP10877
Spark Plug Wire Set3-4-1 Electrical > Ignition ComponentsVolvo 264 – 1981O’ReillyOmniSpark Spark Plug Wire Set9336Click here$35102702
Valve Cover Gasket (Left / Driver side)1-1-5 Engine > Cylinder Head/Valve TrainVolvo 760 – 1983Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 1269899, 12698999, 1271483, 12714838, 269230, 2692309, 5012988, 6001040294, 7400269230, 7910245656, 7910246555, A850X6584TARockAutoValve Cover Gasket (Left / Driver side)11028200Click here$3.50Ryan Foster102249
Valve Cover Gasket (Right / Passenger side)1-1-5 Engine > Cylinder Head/Valve TrainVolvo 760 – 1983Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 024931, 024937, 1269440, 12694402, 1269810, 12698106, 1271484, 12714846, 245546, 2455467, 5012989, 55010527, 7910245655, A850X6584UARockAutoValve Cover Gasket (Right / Passenger side)11038700Click here$2Ryan Foster102256
Engine Bay Light Switch3-5-2 Electrical > Interior/Door Lighting SystemToggle switch for the engine bay light. Replaces OE plunger typeO’ReillyDorman Conduct-Tite 15 Amp Rocker SwitchPart # 85915 Line: CTIClick here$5O’ReillyDorman Conduct-Tite 10 Amp Rocker SwitchPart # 85968 Line: CTIClick here$5101629
Heater Control Valve7-1-3 Air Conditioning Unit > Heating SystemValve that closes off flow to the heater core when MAX AC is SelectedFord Explorer – 2006Motorcraft YG426 , 1L5Z18495AAAutozoneFour Seasons Heater Control Valve74859Click here$27100763
Sponge Ring – Pontoon Seal1-4-0 Air Inlet System > Air Cleaner AssemblyThis is the seal between the quarter panel and the air intake ductingHome DepotRain Repair Roof CollarN/AClick here$8Ryan Foster106693