DMC DeLorean Specifications – 1981, 1982, 1983

  • How much does a DeLorean weigh?
  • How wide is a DeLorean?
  • How long is a DeLorean?
  • How much room is needed to open the door of a DeLorean?
  • What’s the height of a DeLorean with the doors open and closed?
  • What is the official name of the DeLorean? Trick question… “DMC-12” was only an internal designation! The actual name is “DMC DeLorean”

General info

Make / ModelDeLorean / DeLorean (DMC12 was ONLY an internal name)
Production run9,080 (per Barrie Wills)
Years built3 (1981-1983)
StyleTwo door coupe
First appearance
Chassis numbersx – x
DesignGiorgetto Giugiaro
Lug nut size19mm


(see image below)

Overall length (A)166″ | 13ft. 10in.
Wheelbase (B)95″ | 7ft. 11in.
Overall height (doors open, over mirror) (C)77.2″ | 6ft. 6in.
Width (over doors)72.83″ | 6ft. 1in.
Overall height (doors closed) (D)44.88” | 3ft. 9in.
Overall width (doors closed) (E)73.1″ | 6ft. 2in.
TrackFront: 62.6” (F) | 5ft. 3in.
Rear: 62.5” (G) | 5ft. 3in.
Ground clearanceFront: 5.6″ (H)
Rear: 6.1″ (J)
Front clearance5.6”
Rear clearance6.1”
Weight (full tank of fuel)2,844 lbs. (1290 kg)
Weight DistributionFront – 38%
Rear – 62%
UnderbodyGlass Reinforced Plastic (G.R.P.)
Body304 brushed stainless steel
BrakesService brakes: Power assisted discs front and rear.
Parking brake: Mechanical, self-adjusting, acting on rear discs.
Turning radiusTurning circle 42 ft. (12.80 m)
Tire sizesFront:
Original tiresGoodyear Eagle ___
Wheel typecast____


TypeRear mounted, liquid cooled, light alloy 90° V6, with single overhead camshaft per bank, and cross flow cylinder heads.
Fuel deliveryC. I. S. (Continuous Injection System) mechanical fuel injection by Bosch K-Jetronic
EPA Mileage Est.19
Cylinder bore3.58” (91mm)
Stroke2.87” (73mm)
Compression ratio8.8:1
Torque153 ft. lb. (208 Nm)
Horsepower130 (after catalytic converter)
Power130 SAE NET HP @ 5,500 RPM
Cylinder bore3.58” (91 mm)
Stroke2.87” (73 mm)
Displacement174 cu. in. (2849 cc)
Engine oil: Above 64°F (20°C)use Multigrade oil, SAE 20W/50
Manual & Automatic Transmission fluid:Below -10°C (-3°F) – SAE 75
Above -10°C (-3°F) – SAE 80Automatic Transmission – ATF type Dextron 11
Steering Gear Box Oil – API service GL-5 (SAE – EP90)
Wheel Bearing Grease – NLGI No. 2 (Lithium Base) Multi Purpose Grease
Brake and Clutch Fluid – DOT 4
Cooling System Anti-Freeze – Ethylene Glycol based (containing no Borax) with suitable corrosion inhibitors


Gear Ratios
– Manual, 5 speed
1st : 3.364
2nd : 2.059
3rd : 1.381
4th : 1.057
5th : 0.8205
Reverse : 3.1818
Gear Ratios
– Automatic – 3 Speed
1st : 2.40
2nd : 1.48
3rd : 1.00
Reverse : 1.92
Transaxle with double universal half shafts Reduction Ratio3.44 : 1 (Manual and Automatic)
Rack and pinion, manually operatedWheels turns, lock to lock 2.4 turns
Turning circle 42 ft. (12.80 m)

Electrical System

12 Volt Negative Ground
Battery (original)Delco Remy Freedom
Capacity75 Amp/hour
Spark Plugs (original)Bosch HR 6 DS (Platinum Tipped)
Spark Plug Gap0.024 – 0.028 in (0.6 – 0.7 mm)
Spark Plug Torque13 – 15 ft. lbs. (17.20 Nm)


Engine Crankcase6.8 quarts (6.5 litres)
A/C Refrigerant2.5 lbs. (1125 grams)
Fuel Tank13.2 gallons (51.6 litres)
(91 octane unleaded only)
Cooling System2.9 gallons (11.0 litres)
Manual transmission7.75 pints (3.7 litres)
Final drive3.6 pints (1.5 litres)
(automatic transmission only)


Originally planned$12,000
1981 retail~$24,000

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