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How much do DeLoreans cost?

DeLoreans For Sale - Window Sticker | DeLoreanDirectory.comLike a lot of old, classic cars, the cost of a DeLorean depends on what you want out of it. If you’re looking to do a full rebuild in your garage, you could pick up (most) of a DeLorean for $10,000. If you want to climb into one, turn the key, and drive it across the Country without any worries, that would probably cost you about $45,000 (in 2019.) If you want a replica DeLorean Time Machine, Danny Botkin builds the best ones out there, and could cost you $80,000 (more if you go through big company, rather than an independent.)

Of course, there’s a middle ground. There are a number of DeLoreans for sale any at any given time. You could pick one up for $30,000, but expect to put in another $10,000 getting it to a very trustworthy car. And that’s assuming you don’t take it to a corporate shop. If you can, do at least some of the work yourself to save some money. Or, reach out to the extensive DeLorean community for help.

The DeLorean’s original code-name was the “DMC 12,” for the expected sale price of $12,000. Due to many engineering issues and changes, the cost kept going up… and so did the price. So, the 1981 DMC DeLorean ultimately listed for $24,000. Some lucky dealers got a premium for the new cars, while others sold them for less, just to get them off the lot, once DMC went out of business.