DeLoreans on Display

There are DeLoreans on display in Museums and other locations around the world.

If you know of a DeLorean on long-term display, submit it below – and if you have photos, email them to

LocationState / RegionCountrySocialsVIN
Antique Automobile Club of America Museum PennsylvaniaUSAProto-1
Automobile Driving Museum CaliforniaUSA10209
City Garage Car Museum TennesseeUSA03972
George's Music FloridaUSA10432
LeMay Collections at Marymount WashingtonUSA16300
Marconi Automotive Museum CaliforniaUSA04660
Museo Nicolis Villafranca di VeronaItaly03853
Petersen Automotive Museum CaliforniaUSA04301
Petersen Automotive Museum CaliforniaUSA05261