DeLorean Insurance

For old and new DeLorean owners, insurance is something we all think about. To help others find good (or bad) insurance companies who cover our DeLoreans, this anonymous survey may help others. It should take you less than 1 minute to submit, and results are posted below. (If you’ve had a previous company in recent years, please submit the survey more than once.) Keep in mind – this is not a ‘scientific survey’… it’s just a quick check. YOU need to do the research for your own DeLorean, location, and coverage.

TimestampWhat Country are you in?What State / Region are you in?What company do you have insurance through?What type of insurance do you have on the DeLorean?What type of payout does your policy have?What ‘agreed value’ have you set?How much do you pay for 1 year of coverage?Does your policy have a mileage / kilometerage limit?What is the mileage limit per year?What is the kilometerage limit per year?What other special rules do you have to follow?Have you ever had to do a claim with this company?If you had issues with the claim, briefly, what were they?Any other info you’d like to share?
6/16/2023 7:59:34United StatesCaliforniaFarmersStandard car insuranceAgreed value500001505Mileage6100Commuter useNoNone
9/2/2022 2:06:26United StatesIllinoisAmerican ModernClassic car insuranceAgreed value58000500Mileage3000named driversNonone
8/18/2022 8:47:32USAWisconsinCondon SkellyClassic car insuranceAgreed value35000290Mileage5000No
1/30/2022 2:15:19USAWashingtonAllstateStandard car insuranceMarket value1143.82NoI have a Honda Prelude that is my daily driver and the DeLorean is the secondary vehicle.YesNone.I have full coverage insurance on a Honda Prelude and full coverage insurance on the DeLorean both through Allstate. The Honda is considered the primary vehicle and the DeLorean is the secondary vehicle. The entire premium that I pay once every six months is 60 percent to the Honda and 40 percent to the DeLorean.
7/31/2021 19:06:44USATennesseeGrundyClassic car insuranceAgreed value45000328NoCannot be Daily Driver. Cannot be backup of Daily DriverNo
1/21/2021 19:39:39USACaliforniaAmerican Collectors InsuranceClassic car insuranceAgreed value60000436Mileage2500Fully Enclosed Locked Private GarageNo
10/7/2020 13:40:53USAUtahHagertyClassic car insuranceAgreed value35000800NoCan’t be a daily driverNo
5/14/2020 20:20:41USAWashingtonHartford insuranceStandard car insuranceMarket value260NoDrives only a few miles a monthNoThe car is in very good shap
5/14/2020 20:11:46USAWashingtonnoneStandard car insuranceMarket value280Mileage10I only drive it once every 2 weeks to get cooling water and oil to circulateNoThe car is in excellent condition with only 21 k miles
5/10/2020 0:51:35USAOregonState FarmClassic car insuranceAgreed value50000265Mileage6000NoneNo
12/7/2019 15:17:40USANevadaAmerican Collectors InsuranceClassic car insuranceAgreed value35000230Mileage5000NoneNo
10/19/2019 17:05:29USATexasAmerican ModernClassic car insuranceAgreed value72400758Mileage1000No other drivers.No
10/18/2019 14:46:50USANevadaGrundyClassic car insuranceAgreed value40000298NoCannot be daily driver. Cannot be backup to daily driver.NoMAKE SURE you setup auto-payments. They will NOT remind you, and will cancel your coverage without notice.
10/18/2019 14:45:57USASan FranciscoHagertyClassic car insuranceAgreed value42000471Mileage4000Garaged, not daily driverNoIncludes Hagerty Plus option: Emerg. service plus flatbed towing within 150 mile radius for the D and for our 3 daily drivers insured a non-Hagerty policy
8/21/2019 15:42:06USAMDSafcoClassic car insuranceAgreed value35000264NoNo
7/15/2019 16:54:21USANevadaUsaaClassic car insuranceAgreed value35000280Mileage5000Must be garagedNo
5/16/2019 21:15:49USACaliforniaMercury insuranceStandard car insuranceMarket value1000NoMake payments on timeYesNone.
4/26/2019 5:13:44USAPennsylvaniaGrundyClassic car insuranceAgreed value40000326NoNo
4/26/2019 2:10:43New ZealandAucklandClassic CoverClassic car insuranceAgreed value85000430Kilometerage5000Must garage at nightNo
7/25/2018 8:03:39CanadaAlbertaIntactClassic car insuranceAgreed value45000349Kilometerage5000yes; must be stored indoors, cannot be used for “normal” commuting etc.No
7/24/2018 9:31:17USATennesseeHagertyClassic car insuranceAgreed value38000717NoCan’t be daily driver / Must have another daily driver to use / Garage kept / No racingNo
7/23/2018 21:46:53USAIllinoisClassic CollectorsClassic car insuranceAgreed value26500257Mileage6000Not to be used as a daily driver but can be used infrequently to drive to work, etc.No
7/23/2018 17:31:48USANew YorkJC TaylorClassic car insuranceAgreed value25000130NoMust be garaged and not daily driver.No
7/23/2018 16:19:58USAVirginiaLiberty mutualStandard car insuranceMarket value350NoNo
7/21/2018 17:51:29USAOregonAllstateStandard car insuranceMarket value638NoNo
7/13/2018 7:29:56USACaliforniaHagertyClassic car insuranceAgreed value21000256Mileage1000Has to be garagedNoIncludes free towing
7/12/2018 18:18:39USACaliforniaAmeripriseStandard car insuranceAgreed value40000187Mileage1000No
7/11/2018 8:59:22USAArizonaAIGClassic car insuranceAgreed value63800448NoNo
7/11/2018 7:47:13USAPennsylvaniaState FarmStandard car insuranceAgreed value30000120NoYesNo issues – they paid promptly
7/11/2018 2:20:17United KingdomEssexLancasterClassic car insuranceAgreed value27000250Mileage5000Wedding hire cover, commuting, wife on policyNo
7/11/2018 1:09:34United KingdomNorthern IrelandE A DaviesClassic car insuranceMarket value150Mileage1000No racingNoPreviously had agreed value
7/10/2018 20:33:55USANew YorkTravelersStandard car insuranceMarket value1200NoYesMy bumper tap onto a car in front of me
7/10/2018 19:31:59USAMassachusettsGrundy WorldwideClassic car insuranceAgreed value30000250Mileage2000No
7/10/2018 18:44:34USAMichiganClassicInsurance.comClassic car insuranceAgreed value37000400Mileage6000No workNo
7/10/2018 16:22:39USACaliforniaStandardClassic car insuranceAgreed value30000350NoNo
7/10/2018 15:58:26FranceParisAllianceClassic car insuranceAgreed value40000600Kilometerage8000No
7/9/2018 17:26:32USACaliforniaAllstateStandard car insuranceMarket value700NoYes
7/9/2018 11:06:08USAMississippiGrundy WorldwideClassic car insuranceAgreed value50000330NoCannot be daily driver or backup to daily driver- pleasure onlyNo
7/9/2018 10:04:39USAUtahGeicoStandard car insuranceMarket value415NoNoPays claims based on depreciated value
7/9/2018 0:44:52USAWashingtonGrundy WorldwideClassic car insuranceAgreed value40000300NoNot a daily driver, must have other cars per driver in householdNo
7/8/2018 21:52:41USACaliforniaAmerican Collectors InsuranceClassic car insuranceAgreed value62500950Mileage7000Pleasure driving only. No work commuting. Those are the rules…but….No
7/8/2018 20:52:16USACaliforniaJC TaylorClassic car insuranceAgreed value35000250NoNo commutingNo
7/8/2018 19:50:12USAOhioUSAAStandard car insuranceMarket value500NoNo
7/8/2018 19:48:57USACaliforniaGrundy WorldwideClassic car insuranceAgreed value40000266NoCan’t be my daily driver, or the backup to my daily driver.No