DeLorean People

Here’s a list of people associated with the original DeLorean businesses, as referenced in books and publications about the DeLorean.

Nick Sutton's DMCL ID |

Nick Sutton

Sol Shenk with last DeLorean |

Sol A. Shenk

Sol, a Russian immigrant to the United States, started a business in 1967 selling closeout and overstock car parts. The business, Consolidated Stores, took off when Sol switched to household goods. They renamed Consolidated Stores to be Big Lots (which was formerly called ‘Odd Lots’ across the country.) In the lat 1990s, Big Lots bought […]

Barrie Wills |

Barrie Wills

The last employee of the DeLorean Motor Company, Ltd., Barrie Wills, joins DeLorean Talk to share his experiences with DMCL, his 50 years in the auto industry, his time with John Z. DeLorean, and a little known fact about the Dunmurry Motor Company.

Howard Weitzman |

Howard Weitzman, Litigator

Kinsella Weitzman Iser Kump & Aldisert USC School of Law John DeLorean’s attorney “Defending John DeLorean in the biggest case in the world 30 years ago.”

Tom Kimmerly

DMC corporate attorney

Chuck Bennington |

Chuck Bennington