DeLorean Timeline

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DeLorean Timeline

January 6

John DeLorean’s birthday

John DeLorean |
October 1

John DeLorean named Group Executive at GM

John DeLorean named group executive at GM – 1972


April 2

JZD leaves General Motors

John DeLorean leaves GM.

Source: General Motors Heritage Center

October 24

DMC founded


DeLorean Motor Company was founded.


September 26

Proto-2 built by Kar Kraft

Proto-2 built by Kar Kraft in Detroit, MI, and first tested in Nevada.


October 2

DMCL Factory Ground Breaking Ceremony

DeLorean Motor Cars Limited (DMCL) factory ground breaking ceremony takes place in Dunmurry, West Belfast.


December 12

Zoe Davies starts working on technical illustrations

Zoe Davies starts working on detailed technical illustrations.


July 4

DeLorean Phase II Build begins

Phase II Pilot Build commenced in Dunmurry


August 1

Legend Industries Twin Turbo contract

Legend Industries awarded the contract to engineer, develop, and manufacture 5,000 DeLorean Twin Turbo systems.


October 5

US Emissions Testing commences

US Emissions testing commences.


January 21

First DeLorean rolls off the production line

The first production line DeLorean is VIN #500.

Source: “Celebrating the Impossible“, page 148

February 4

Torsion bar patent filed

February 20

First DeLoreans readied for shipment

The first DeLoreans are moved to the dockside at Belfast Harbor, preparing for shipping to the USA.

Source: “Celebrating the Impossible“, page 302

March 10

1,000th DeLorean employee

Patrick Fitzpatrick became the 1,000th DeLorean employee.

Source: “Celebrating the Impossible“, page 335

April 12

DMC Road Tests completed

DMC12 durability and road tests are completed.

Source: “Celebrating the Impossible“, page 125

April 19

First shipment of DeLoreans leave Belfast

First Shipment Of DeLoreans Leave Belfast |
June 12

DeLorean patent filed

June 19

Third DeLorean shipment from Ireland

Third shipment of DeLoreans loaded at Belfast Harbour


June 19

1,000th DeLorean rolls off the production line

1000th DeLorean rolled off the production line


November 16

Legend Twin Turbo order increased

Legend Twin Turbo purchase order increased to 7,500.


January 11

Shipping Strike between Britain & Northern Ireland

Source: “Celebrating the Impossible“, page 385

January 28

DeLorean Factory layoffs

1100 DeLorean employees (out of 2600) are declared ‘redundant’, and layoffs follow.

Source: “Celebrating the Impossible“, page 386

February 19

Receivership at DeLorean

Source: NY Times

February 19

Receivership Announcement

8,580 DeLoreans produced as Receivership is announced.

Source: “John Z, the DeLorean, and Me“, page 185

February 20

Receivership Terms Announced

The terms of receivership are announced.

Source: “Celebrating the Impossible“, page 388

September 14

First DeLorean sold in the UK

First official sale of a DeLorean in the United Kingdom, at the Culloden Hotel, Northern Ireland.


October 16

First Gold DeLorean completed

The first Gold DeLorean was completed.


October 19

John DeLorean arrested in Los Angeles

December 24

DMC factory closed

DMC factory closed.

May 10

Patent for stainless steel outer body

Colin R. Spooner receives US patent for stainless steel outer body over fiberglass reinforced inner body.


August 17

John DeLorean acquitted

July 3

“Back to the Future” opens

Back to the Future” opened in the USA.


June 15

Texas-based fake-DMC purchases the NOS parts

Forbes |

“A Living Legend” – September 18, 2005

“Wynne talked a friend into investing, and in 1997 they acquired the entire warehouse and contents, in Columbus, Ohio, for less than $1 million. The retail value of those parts, Wynne says, is $35 million.”

March 19

John DeLorean dies

John DeLorean died

Source: IMDb

August 21

Fake DMC announces “New” DeLoreans

The company that bought the leftover NOS parts from DMC factory announce that “new” DeLoreans will soon be built.


Source: – August 21, 2007 – “Texas Entrepreneur Set to Start Building DeLorean Cars”

April 20

DeLorean Time Machine goes on display

DeLorean Time Machine goes on display

DeLorean Time Machine ‘A car’ from Back to the Future goes on display at the Petersen Automotive Museum.

July 19

OUTATIME documentary released

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