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Fake DMC files another lawsuit against Universal Studios

Well, Fake DMC (DeLorean Motor Company Texas) is at it again… trying to get royalties money for something they had no hand in building – the DMC DeLorean car. They think they are owed money by Universal Studios for use of the DeLorean in Universal’s marketing of Back to the Future. Fake DMC started in 1995 and bought the remaining parts that came from the long-closed factory, and have been trying to make the public think they are the same company ever since.

Fake DMC recently made millions of dollars selling the DeLorean badge to an electric car company (also in Texas,) and then rebranding themselves as “Classic DMC”, so they could continue to do a disservice to DeLorean owners. But, that EV using the DeLorean name (which looked more like a Tesla than a DeLorean) appears to now be dead. So, Fake DMC may not have gotten as much money as they planned from someone’s else’s work in building a new EV – which means, they need to go back to frivolous lawsuits to make money they don’t deserve.

Over the years, Fake DMC has proven that they care nothing about John DeLorean’s stainless steel car – or the people who actually own, drive, maintain, and share the iconic car with the public. Their customer service is as bad as the countless owner stories have portrayed, and they don’t like DeLorean fans coming to the “showrooms” to see the car – unless they look rich, or have bags with dollar signs painted on them when they walk up to the door. Their lack of involvement in the DeLorean community is further proof that they don’t care about their actual customers. With less than 5,000 DeLoreans still in existence (of the 9,080 built,) you would expect that they would embrace the owner community, knowing that’s where they make their money. And to top off their story of disappointment, they’ve lost all of their “franchise” locations except Florida, for some unknown reason. The Texas and California locations are both corporate owned. Their service truly is “second to all”.

It’s frustrating to see a company try to sucker the public into thinking they are John DeLorean’s company. John DeLorean actually built the car. He is the one who had vision. He did the best he could fighting against other big companies and a corrupt government – and he did well enough that his car – not Fake DMC’s – was used in one of the best movies of all timeand he was honored that they used his car.