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FakeDMC files yet another lawsuit


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FakeDMC out of Texas REALLY wants people to think they created the DeLorean. They did not. And while they did buy the remaining inventory – and THEY say they basically bought anything and everything to do with John DeLorean’s company, the Fake DeLorean Motor Company in Texas rears it’s ugly head any time they think they can get more money. The most recent example, is the lawsuit they filed against Universal Studios.

Get this… The REAL DMC (DeLorean Motor Company) legally went out of business by 1983. Back to the Future came out in 1985, using our DeLorean car(s) as one of the stars of the movie(s). In 1997 FakeDMC bought the remaining DeLorean parts, and started a new company – using the original name, most likely to confuse people and take advantage of the name recognition. And in 2022, they are suing Universal for using a car that FakeDMC did not invent, build, or sell – but they think they deserve royalties from work they had nothing to do with – and thus far, have only bullied people and businesses into not using the name and logo of the long-close (but not forgotten) company.

As a DeLorean owner, and someone who’s been part of the DeLorean community for a few years now, AND as someone who has heard countless stories of bad customer service of FakeDMC from DeLorean owners, I can easily attest to the fact that FakeDMC does NOT care about the DeLorean car, the DeLorean owners, or even the DeLorean name – they only care about how much money they can get from people. Their arrogance and greed is legendary amongst DeLorean owners across the Country.

Other than this latest lawsuit, FakeDMC has sued many others, including DeLorean owners and small mechanics who serve the approximately 4,500 DeLoreans that still exist. They have sent numerous threatening “cease and desist” letters, black-listed owners and mechanics, and generally do shoddy work. Most DeLorean owners are afraid to speak up, for fear that they too will be black-listed from buying the few parts that you cannot find on crossover parts lists. And so, their tactics often work… but some day, they may not.

There have been rumors for many years that Fake DMC was getting paid by Universal, but no one could ever confirm it… until now. I have not yet talked to a DeLorean owner that thinks FakeDMC should be paid by Universal for use of the DeLorean in Back to the Future. The movie came before Fake DMC and whatever agreement John DeLorean had with Universal died with him. We hope that NBCUniversal continues to ignore Fake DMC and stands up to the bullying tactics.