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Beware of DPI – DeLorean Performance Industries

If you’re a DeLorean owner, you know there aren’t a lot of shops or parts houses to choose from when you need stuff for your DMC. And with so few shops, it’s frustrating when yet another DeLorean business engages in dishonest practices. First, it was Fake DMC in Texas, and now it’s perfectly clear that DPI – DeLorean Performance Industries is trying to scam people too (or, more.)

In recent weeks, DPI purchased ads on Google Search (using Google AdWords) where they use the names of GOOD and TRUSTWORTHY DeLorean shops – but he’s using his own web address when you click the ad. Long-time DeLorean owners won’t (or shouldn’t) fall for that misleading tactic, but newer DeLorean owners – or those shopping for a DeLorean – absolutely would fall for it. This is untruthful and disgusting.

The good and trustworthy shops being maligned in this case, are DeLorean Parts Northwest / DeLorean Service Northwest, DeLorean Midwest, and DeLoreanGo. DPI is paying for ads using each of their names, but linking to his own website. Click the images below to see the unscrupulous screenshots:

DeLorean Performance Industries already had a shady past with their deficiency in customer service and their lack of ‘attention to detail’ that they tout so much. Apparently, they don’t really live up to their motto. Just ask around in the community. Plus the time (that we know of,) that DPI tried to steal money from a DeLorean owner by shorting their order, but wouldn’t issue a refund… that is, until the customer finally got the credit card company to do a chargeback, and suddenly DeLorean Performance Industries responded – by posting the customer’s bank account information on facebook! Yeah – DPI is not to be trusted.

Furthermore, with Google AdWords, you can put up or take down ads basically immediately. Yet these double-dealing ads have stuck around for at least two weeks. We sent an email to both email addresses we found on the DPI website, asking for clarification on why they were posting these deceptive ads – telling them we were going to post an article if they didn’t have a good answer – and they never replied. Which means, a) they don’t pay attention to the customer service emails, or b) they don’t have a reasonable excuse for their deceitful actions.

What to do now? Have some fun… GO SEARCH for DeLorean Parts Northwest / DeLorean Service Northwest, DeLorean Midwest, and DeLoreanGo on Google – and when you see the “Sponsored” link at the top that shows DPI – CLICK IT! Then do the same search on your mobile device, and click the ad AGAIN… then have your spouse, mom, co-worker, and anyone else nearby do the same… He gets charged more for each click, than for just the visual impression.