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Letter from John DeLorean to the Bobs

Letter from John DeLorean to the Bobs | DeLoreanDirectory.com

Just a few years after the DeLorean Motor Company was shuttered, Universal Studios, Bob Gale, Robert Zemeckis, and Steven Spielberg made the DMC DeLorean a household name, by using it as a main character in the movie “Back to the Future“.

The creator of the car, John DeLorean, saw the movie and loved it. He sent this letter to those involved:

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Lamington Farm

July 25, 1985

Mr. Robert Zemeckis
Mr. Bob Gale
Amblin Entertainment
100 Universal Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608

Dear Gentlemen:

Last week I had the opportunity to see a screening of “Back To The Future” in New York, and want you to know I think it was absolutely brilliant.

I was particularly pleased that the DeLorean Motor Car was all but immortalized in the film, and want to thank all those responsible: Ron Cobb, Andy Probert, Mike Scheffe and Kevin Pike, for the outstanding job they did in presenting the DMC as the vehicle of the future. They can join my soon-to-be-revived design team at any time.

Thanks again for continuing my dream in such a positive fashion.

John Z. DeLorean

cc: Steven Spielberg