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FakeDMC does NOT have the support of the DeLorean family

If you’re a DeLorean owner, you shouldn’t be shocked that FakeDMC doesn’t have the support of the DeLorean family. Especially Kat DeLorean, John Zachary DeLorean’s daughter. We couldn’t be happier that she has come out (more than once) to remind people of at least 3 simple facts:

  1. FakeDMC is NOT associated with the DeLorean family.
  2. FakeDMC is not 40 years old. They started in 1995, and bought one of the DeLorean trademarks.
  3. John DeLorean did NOT like FakeDMC, nor did he support them in any way.

FakeDMC does NOT have the support of the DeLorean family | DeLoreanDirectory.com

FakeDMC has tried, and in far too many cases they have succeeded in bullying and intimidating individuals and small businesses who DO support and love the DeLorean community. The DeLorean car came from the mind of a brilliant automotive engineer – John DeLorean – who Elon Musk can easily be compared to – someone who fought the system and built their own car against all odds. The difference is, JZD had governments working against him to bring him down, while Musk simply made something that the people wanted. And since politicians could personally line their pockets from Musk’s business(es) they weren’t as inclined to try to shut him down.

JZD’s legacy is greater than just producing the stainless steel car – and it certainly has nothing to do with the new company who does everything in their power to take advantage of what someone else built.


There are MANY DeLorean owners who are afraid to speak up about #FakeDMC for fear that they’ll be ‘blacklisted’ from buying parts or getting service – and we understand. But know this – there are A LOT of us. It’s important to support the independent shops and people who DO care about the car, and the owners. They are part of the community – they own cars – they love sharing the car with the public. THEY are part of JZD’s legacy. The next time you need parts or service for your DeLorean, don’t go to FakeDMC if at all possible – just ask around about their “customer service.”

Hopefully one day Kat will do an episode of DeLorean Talk to share her memories of her father, and talk about her experience with DeLorean owners and the community… and hopefully will be willing to share her disdain with how FakeDMC has tried to take advantage of JZD’s name and legacy.



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Here’s our comment on her post:

“Thank you for sharing your feelings Kat. #FakeDMC has proven time and again that they don’t care about the REAL DeLorean car, or the owners – it’s all about taking advantage of the name. We support business and entrepreneurs, but FakeDMC has bullied and intimidated owners – and the public – for far too long. They do everything they can to make people believe they ARE the original DMC company – without actually saying it. FakeDMC is untrustworthy, and they are not there to serve their (potential) customers. We highly recommend supporting independent parts & labor shops, as well as individuals who love the REAL DeLorean car, and JZD’s legacy. If you ever care to, or feel comfortable talking about this, please contact us at www.DeLoreanTalk.com”