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Some interesting DeLorean Census data…

The DeLorean Census was started because the existing VIN lists just didn’t have the depth of detail we were looking for about the DeLoreans left in the world. Since mid-2017, the Census has collected hundreds of submissions, primarily from owners, and now it’s time to display some of that data in interesting (although not terribly USEFUL) ways.

Over time, as more DeLorean VINs are submitted, whether by owners or just by observers who see them listed for sale on websites or at car shows, this data, and these charts may become useful to the DeLorean community. Useful for how cars are priced when listing them for sale… or for determining a fair price when buying a DeLorean. It may be useful to some owners when working on a restoration, or the data might be useful when someone is writing an article or book on our wonderful DeLorean automobiles. In any case, these charts, and this data, should be at least interesting to owners and fans alike.

DeLorean Census Charts