DeLorean Interior Sound Test |

DeLorean Interior Sound Level Test

Most of us don’t think too much about sound levels in the DeLorean because we’re just enjoying driving the car. But we thought it would be interesting to ask the DeLorean community to do a little test and collect some data on interior sound levels.

If you feel comfortable doing so safely, we hope you’ll install this decibel app on your smart phone, and get an average reading while driving the car.

Step 1: Install the decibel meter (AndroidApple)
Step 2: Using the app, get the AVERAGE decibels, using these conditions:

  • Drive at 65mph, on the freeway.
  • Windows are up/closed.
  • Radio is off.
  • Vent fan is set to 0 / off.
  • With the app open and measuring, hold the phone directly above the shifter, at the same height as the A/C vents.

Take note the AVERAGE decibels, then fill in the form below (and, if possible, email a screenshot to with the VIN.)

DeLorean Interior Sound Level Test Results