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90 Degree Fuel Filter Fitting

90 Degree Fitting | DeLoreanDirectory.com

by Ryan Foster (VIN #06668)

Have you installed a new fuel filter, just to start up the DeLorean and see fuel pouring out from the filter that you just installed? Well, that stock 90-degree fitting is usually the culprit.

I recently experienced this problem myself. When I was installing the new fuel filter, I cranked on the compression fitting, and for the life of me could not get the hard line that goes into the filter to stop leaking.

FUEL FILTER KIT - 100523K | DeLoreanDirectory.comSo, I got in contact with Josh at Delorean Performance industries (DPI) and he told me he had an updated 90-degree fitting that can be reused, and doesn’t need to be so tight. I ordered it right away. The kit comes with a new fuel filter, the elbow and copper washers needed to install. Part number 100523K.

Below is a pic of the new elbow installed.

90 Degree Fitting Installed | DeLoreanDirectory.comThe kit is very easy to install. Just install the elbow to the filter. No thread sealer needed. Install it dry. You’ll need a small tubing cutter (picked up at a local hardware store) to cut the end of the hard-line off as close to the end as possible. WARNING: Do not use a grinder or a cut off wheel as you will create heat and sparks and there is fuel in the line.

The old elbow off the car looks like this:
Old Elbow | DeLoreanDirectory.com

You can see how much of the line had to be removed to get the compression fitting off.

The new elbow is reusable, and if you need a new compression fitting, DPI sells those too.

Job takes about 45 mins tops using basic tools.