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What is the DeLorean made of?

DeLorean Stainless Steel Panels | DeLoreanDirectory.comThe DeLorean was originally conceived as a stainless steel paneled, gull-wing door design from the beginning. The panels are 304 grade stainless steel, the exact kind of stainless steel used in commercial kitchens and equipment. That means it’s very durable and difficult to damage.

There are eight exterior stainless steel body parts, including the front left and right fenders, the rear left and right fenders, the gull-wing doors, the hood, and the roof “T-panel.” The panels are connected to a molded fiberglass shell with internal foam and steel reinforcements, that contains the wiring and passenger compartments, and is bolted to the steel, single-wishbone double-Y frame for strength, which also contains all suspension and drivetrain components. The stainless steel doors and body panels are bolted in place, and don’t add much weight, resulting in a car that only weighs around 2,800 lbs.

DeLorean Frame | DeLoreanDirectory.comCleaning the stainless steel panels is easier than most people think… just like a stainless steel sink, any water and soap will take the dirt off, and a lot of DeLorean owners use the same products you buy in the store for keeping stainless appliances shiny.

Most of the body panels are still available, but the front-left fender is in very short supply today, causing the price to be as much as 4 or 5 times the cost of the front-right fender.

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