DMC 10987 at SEMA |

DeLorean Power Steering – Best Upgrade Yet!

by Gordon Carpenter

Nicolas Carpenter and I after navigating the narrow SEMA hallways | DeLoreanDirectory.comI just received the best DeLorean upgrade I could imagine for my car, VIN 10987: The new Electric Power Steering system from DMC!  Those who know me would probably agree, I am an early adopter of new technology and upgrades when discretionary funds are available. My car, VIN 10987, was given a Stage I Exhaust and Stage II Engine upgrade in 2003. My full refurbishment of the DeLorean interior in 2011, included Dynamat for noise reduction, a remodel of the center console to accommodate a double DIN stereo head with GPS and installation of an electrically controlled HVAC by Vintage Air.

Upon learning of the power steering upgrade for DeLoreans, I was immediately curious. My wife and I have owned our DeLorean since 1985, and she has avoided driving the car because of the difficulty of turning the car at low speed. This October that all changed! Driving our DeLorean became ‘A-Piece-of-Cake’ with the installation of the recently announced Electric Power Steering upgrade from DeLorean Motor Company. Developed exclusively for DMC by EPAS Performance in Florida, making U-turns, 3-point turns and navigating tight parking lots can be easily accomplished with the push of a single finger on the steering wheel. My system was installed at DMC California in about four hours. My wife and I are very happy with the results! When compared to other upgrades available, the Power Steering System is by far the best upgrade for the money!

VIN 10987 was invited to demo the installation of the Electric Power Steering system at the 2018 SEMA, Las Vegas show over the last week of October. Having just completed the 665 mile round trip drive from San Diego to Las Vegas for the DeLorean Weekend, driving there a second time in one month made for an easy comparison. Whether driving at highway speeds or navigating city streets, it is a true pleasure to drive our DeLorean now! Wiggling the DeLorean through the maze of narrow aisles in the SEMA building… my 3 handlers were nervous the whole trip, but it was a piece-of-cake for me at the steering wheel!

By far, the power steering system is the best upgrade any DeLorean owner can install in the car! Anyone who drives their DeLorean must deal with making U-turns, 3-point turns or navigating tight parking lots will truly enjoy their car after getting this upgrade! Best of all, the system is adjustable, allowing the driver to adjust the level of steering assist they are comfortable with. Don’t get me wrong, the Stage I & II upgrades to the DeLorean power plant are impressive (can you ever have too much power?) – but this power steering upgrade reignites the “new car feel” of your DeLorean!


Q. Is this an official DeLorean upgrade like the Stage I & II engine modifications?
A. Yes, DMC is calling this assembly “DMC New Stock”

Q. How long does it take to install?
A. DMC California installs them in about 4 hours.

Q. Can I install it myself?
A. Yes, if you’re an accomplished mechanic. Otherwise, I recommend you talk to your DMC Service Center first.

Q. What additional machining or shop work is required to install?
A. None, The power steering assembly comes ready to install from DMC. You will probably need to realign the steering wheel after installation if top-center of the wheel is slightly off. 

Q. How much will the whole thing cost me?
A. As of November 2018, DMC listed the EPAS Performance assembly for $1,987.52. Installation time may vary some. Labor is about $1,400, bringing a fully installed power steering system to approximately $3400. DMC does charge a core fee which is refunded when you send them your original steering column.

Q. Will I have leaking fluid problems down the road?
A. No. There are no fluids in this system – it’s 100% electrical.

Q. Does the Power Steering System make noise?
A. No, there is nothing to hear, even when the engine is off and one turns the steering wheel, Nothing!

Q. Does the power steering try to return to center after a turn?
A. No, the power steering system only responds to changes the driver makes to the steering wheel orientation. Stays right where the driver leaves it.

Q. You mentioned the power steering is adjustable… How?
A. The system has a potentiometer that allows the driver to increase the power steering assist when needed. I prefer full assist in tight situations like parking lots and 3-point turns. I find the DeLorean only needs 50% assist when driving at highway speeds.

Q. Where is the potentiometer located?
A. It is located under the knee board to the right of the steering column. If you are left handed, it might make sense to locate it left of the steering column.

Q. What happens if the power steering system fails?
A. You loose the power assist and your steering wheel goes back to the stock level of effort.  Keep in mind that this system has been approved by SEMA.