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SAN DIEGO (AP) – John Z. DeLorean, better known for living in lavish homes than for painting them, took brush in hand to help spruce up a house for the homeless, recovering alcoholics and drug addicts.

The former automaker, who was found innocent last August of charges that he bankrolled a $24 million cocaine shipment to aid his failing car company, appeared at a painting party this week for the New Start in Life Center in San Diego.

″I’m here because I believe in New Start and (its director) Rev. Johnny Carter and because I feel it’s one of the outstanding facilities of its type anywhere,″ said De Lorean, who said during his trial that he had become a born-again Christian.

DeLorean, 60, who is divorced from model Cristina Ferrare, lives in Los Angeles. He recently signed over an estate valued at about $2 million to his attorney to cover legal fees, and said he is exploring business opportunities and writing a book about his trial. He also has reportedly signed a deal for a movie about his life.

″Hey, it’s been difficult, but life goes on,″ said DeLorean. ″I feel very strong. Certainly with the spiritual strength I draw from people like this, I can’t imagine how anyone can ever touch me.″

″The last few months have been very tough,″ he said. ″But as my daughter says, anything that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.″

from People in the News | April 25, 1985