SCEDT26T1BD001052 |
1981, Census, DeLoreans, Good, Illinois, Manual, Painted, USA, Website

VIN 01052

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10/24/2019 10:53:2601052United 81CustomManualConverted to 3.0L V6 PRV in 2019Stainless SteelConcoursStainless panels restored by PJ Grady Europe in 2019BlackExcellentNew interior in around 2012 by the previous ownerYesCraigThin Grey StripeGroovedYesNoLeft-RearGreyGaraged / InsideUKExcellentOwner10/24/2019Frame-off restoration by PJ Grady Europe in 2018. Fitted with new engine (3-litre, 165 bhp PRV) by a Renault specialist and stainless steel panels restored by PJ Grady Europe in 2019. Owner moved from Hungary to the United Kingdom and the car is now registered in the UK.Szabi (paper / online)Purchased from Genova, Italy in 2013
3/19/2018 818,340Stock PRVManualPaintedGoodPainted whiteBlackGoodYesCraigNoneGroovedYesNoGoodWebsite
8/18/2017 81Stock PRVManualStainless SteelGroovedYesGoodOwnerOnce painted white, but now back to stainless