DeLorean Timeline

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<center><h2>DeLorean Timeline</h2></center>

First Gold DeLorean completed

The first Gold DeLorean was completed. Sources: “Celebrating the Impossible”, page 373

First DeLorean sold in the UK

First official sale of a DeLorean in the United Kingdom, at the Culloden Hotel, Northern Ireland. Sources: “Celebrating the Impossible”, page 406

Receivership Terms Announced

The terms of receivership are announced. Source: “Celebrating the Impossible”, page 388

Receivership at DeLorean

Source: NY Times

Receivership Announcement

8,580 DeLoreans produced as Receivership is announced. Source: “John Z, the DeLorean, and Me”, page 185

DeLorean Factory layoffs

1100 DeLorean employees (out of 2600) are declared ‘redundant’, and layoffs follow. Source: “Celebrating the Impossible”, page 386

Shipping Strike between Britain & Northern Ireland

Source: “Celebrating the Impossible”, page 385

Legend Twin Turbo order increased

Legend Twin Turbo purchase order increased to 7,500. Sources: “Celebrating the Impossible”, page 348

Third DeLorean shipment from Ireland

Third shipment of DeLoreans loaded at Belfast Harbour Sources: “Celebrating the Impossible”, page 310

1,000th DeLorean rolls off the production line

1000th DeLorean rolled off the production line Sources: “Celebrating the Impossible”, page 335

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