Crossover DeLorean Parts List

Since the DeLorean first came out in 1981, and DMC went out of business shortly thereafter, thousands of owners had to figure out how to keep their cars running before DMC Houston bought the remaining ‘new’ old stock and made much of it available for sale again. They kept their DeLoreans running by finding compatible parts for the PRV engine and other parts of the car. Over the years, old and new owners have also found new, updated parts and suppliers for those crossover parts. And, over the years, there have been many crossover parts lists floating around. With this list, we hope to combine and collect those part numbers into a single list, which includes the date, the person who submitted it, and their comments.

Before you submit a part, please check the existing table for information. Thanks for your help!

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Before you submit a crossover part, check the existing list.

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