DCS 2018 – Pheasant Run Resort, St. Charles, Illinois – August 15-19, 2018

DeLorean Convention & Show 2018
Pheasant Run Resort, St. Charles, Illinois
August 15-19, 2018

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The DCS Planning Team has been waiting for a few Returning BTTF VIP Guests to confirm, before posting a partial list, however we would be remiss to wait much longer to post that Bob Gale has confirmed he will be returning for DCS 2018.

Within the world of DCS and Back to the Future, Bob Gale needs no introduction. Bob has been a champion for the DeLorean Time Machine Hero Car and its restoration which was “Captured for All Time” in the OUTATIME documentary by Steve Concotelli, as well as being a diehard supporter of the DCS Events for over a decade.

As we have posted before, the DCS Planning Team considers Bob an honorary member of the team, since he has helped the team tremendously in making contacts with the BTTF Trilogy Cast and Crew, and to help direct our invitations to cast and crew for DCS Events. For those attending DCS for the first time in 2018, Bob’s mini bio says it all in a nutshell.

Mini Bio

Bob Gale is an Oscar-nominated screenwriter-producer-director, best known as co-creator, co-writer and co-producer of Back to the Future (1985) and its sequels. Gale was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, and graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a B.A. in Cinema from the University of Southern California in 1973. He has written over 30 screenplays; his other film credits include 1941 (1979), I Wanna Hold Your Hand [1978], Used Cars (1980), Trespass (1992) and Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road (2002), the latter which he directed. In addition to writing movies and occasionally television, Gale has written comic books including Spider-Man, Batman and the IDW Back to the Future title, thus proving to his father that he did not waste hours and hours reading comics in his youth. He has also served as an expert witness in over 25 plagiarism cases, even though this has occasionally required him to wear a suit and tie (oh, the horror!).

When he’s not in production, writing, shooting off his mouth or wasting time on the internet, he actually does take out the trash even when his wife doesn’t ask. Well, sometimes he does…


Colleen Booth will be joining us again for DCS 2018! Colleen was John’s personal secretary (1974-1981) and is a wealth of fascinating information! You definitely want to see her presentation.


New BTTF VIP Guests for DCS 2018

The DCS Planning Team is pleased to announce that Michael Lantieri and his wife will be joining us at DCS 2018. As you may know, Michael was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects for Back to the Future II, but what most of you may not know is that his wife, Mary Anne, was Bob Gale’s Assistant during the filming of Back to the Future II and Back to the Future III. Michael will give us some insight into the BTTF Special Effects, from making DeLoreans fly and hover, to all the details about hover boards, while Mary Anne will give us some insight into working with Bob Gale, and working Behind the Scenes on both BTTF II and BTTF III.

Brief Bio on Michael Lantieri:

Michael Lantieri went to school in Los Angeles with actor-director Ron Howard, wanting to be in films from an early age, though as a director. However Michael went to work in the special effects department of Universal Studios, staying for ten years and working on the likes of ‘Buck Rogers’ and ‘Battlestar Galactica’ before branching out on his own. Since then he has worked on a variety of effects driven films, nominated for an Oscar for Best Visual Effects for Back to the Future II and then winning an Oscar for ‘Jurassic Park’. Michael has also picked up four other nominations and three BAFTA awards. Most recently, Michael won a Primetime Emmy in 2017 for Outstanding Special Visual Effects for Westworld. In addition to movies and TV, he worked on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland and has provided effects for video games.


DMC VIP Guests (Partial List of Returning VIPs, as of 1/11/18)

DMC VIP Guests – Partial List

  • Jeff Synor
    • QAC Engineer and King POG (look like Pigs, work like Dogs)
    • Author of original DeLorean Technical Information Manual
    • Talk: Deconstructing the DeLorean Technical Information Manual
  • Chris Duvall
    • QAC Parts Manager and Parts POG
    • Keeper of the Troy QAC Parts Log
    • Talk: The ABC’s of QACs – It always comes down to the Parts
  • Klaus Steiner
    • DeLorean World Tour Team
    • Talk: See and hear about DeLoreans driving around the world
    • Talk: Klaus will attempt to summarize this Epic DeLorean Trip
  • Nick Sutton
    • Former DMC Executive and author of The DeLorean Story
    • Talk: Beyond The DeLorean Story – what didn’t fit in the book
    • Talk: DeLorean Employee stories from Nick and Phyllis Sutton
  • Stephen L. Arrington
    • Sole Surviving Defendant in DeLorean Trial (pardoned)
    • With pardon in hand, Stephen tells us the whole story
    • Talk: In Support of John DeLorean in the DeLorean Drug Trial


New for DCS 2018 – BTTF Hill Valley in LEGO

For those of you who love Back to the Future movies or love Lego or love both, you will be in for a real treat at DCS 2018 … BTTF Hill Valley in LEGO !!

The DCS Planning Team has confirmed that BTTF Fanatic and Lego Maniac, Tim Caravia will be displaying his Back to the Future Hill Valley Lego Creations.

Tim has gone far beyond the BTTF Lego box kits and his current BTTF display of Hill Valley in Lego includes over 25,000 pieces and over $10K invested so far.

We plan to have Tim display his BTTF Hill Valley creations in the BTTF Room, along with Stephen Clark’s BTTF display and BTTF memorabilia and merchandise.

Check out a few of Tim’s Hill Valley Creations in the attached photos.



Hotel Registration is now Open for DCS 2018

Hotel Registration is now open for DCS 2018 at the Mega Center at Pheasant Run Resort.

The DCS 2018 Discounted Room Rates are as follows:

  • Golf Rooms $99/night (may be renovated by Summer 2018.)
  • Tower Rooms $119/night (renovated in Winter/Spring 2017)
  • Loft Suites $189/night (recent renovation, but also less use)

Also available at reduced rates (detailed on the hotel registration website): Whirlpool Suites, Executive Suites, Family Suites and Tower Penthouse Suites.

Please note the PRR Hotel Registration website is a little “clunky” and we continue working with the PRR Tech Staff to better clarify the button functions on the custom DCS 2018 link.

The opening page of the custom DCS 2018 Registration link lists all of the available days for Discounted Rates (Monday, August 13 through Monday, August 20, 2018.), for those who will want to book “shoulder days” on either side of DCS, in addition to the DCS 2018 Event dates.

Note: All these dates do not get pre-populated (as the default) in the Registration link page.

The DCS 2018 Event Dates are Wednesday, August 15 through Sunday, August 19, 2018.

The DeLorean Car Show event itself is easy to remember, since it is on Saturday 08/18/18.

Until (or if) the Hotel Registration website link is updated for better clarity, please use the following recommendations to get through the Registration process.

When you go to register, Do NOT Close the text that says “Please Join us for the DeLorean Convention and Show”. That will clear the Event Discount Code from the registration process.

The “Complete Registration” button should be displayed as a “Start Registration” button, but it does function as a Start button, with the range of dates “highlighted” but not yet selected, and the Discount Code for DCS 2018 is pre-populated correctly. At this point, the rest of the Hotel Registration process seems to function properly and does not need any further clarification.

DCS 2018 PRR Hotel Registration link: https://reservations.travelclick.com/2932?groupID=2089017

DCS 2018 Event Registration should be available by sometime during January 2018.

DCS 2018 Dinners (with Keynote Speakers) will be on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.