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Texas-based fake-DMC purchases the NOS parts

“A Living Legend” – September 18, 2005 “Wynne talked a friend into investing, and in 1997 they acquired the entire warehouse and contents, in Columbus, Ohio, for less than $1 million. The retail value of those parts, Wynne says, is $35 million.”

Fake DMC announces “New” DeLoreans

The company that bought the leftover NOS parts from DMC factory announce that “new” DeLoreans will soon be built.   Source: – August 21, 2007 – “Texas Entrepreneur Set to Start Building DeLorean Cars”

Patent for stainless steel outer body

Colin R. Spooner receives US patent for stainless steel outer body over fiberglass reinforced inner body. Sources: “Celebrating the Impossible“, page 215 Google Patents

John DeLorean arrested in Los Angeles

John DeLorean arrested at the Sheraton Plaza La Reina Hotel in Los Angeles. Sources: LA Times – March 21, 2005 Seattle Times – March 21, 2005